Gyoza-YA Ryu Specialty! Chinch Loring Sour & Highball 🍸.

Hello! This is Gyoza-Ya Ryu Xintiandi Branch.
Currently operating gyoza izakaya in Hiroshima City!
A popular izakaya where you can enjoy homemade dumplings and authentic Chinese food 🍺.
Today we continue to bring you the charms of Gyoza-Ya Ryu✨.

Dumpling House Dragon recommended drinks ⚀ Chinchillo Sour & Chinchillo Highball
◎Dumpling House Dragon Specialty 🥟.
Let's get together with Chinchillorin Sour & Chinchillorin Highball!
The roll of two dice will give you a nice bonus...
⚀Zorro => 1 free drink
⚀ Odd number ⇒ Mega size (about twice as large) 858 yen per cup
Even ⚀⇒231 yen per cup

[A wide variety of highballs.
Kaku highball
Setouchi Lemon Highball
Chita Highball
Cola highball
Highballs for a good night's sleep.
Lime highball
Ginger highball

[Course Information
All-you-can-eat Gyoza course 4,000 yen (tax included) [Including 2H all-you-can-drink] All-you-can-eat Gyoza & menu of Gyoza Restaurant Ryu!
◎Need to choose your favorite dishes by yourself! Single item free drink 120min 1980yen (tax included) 【LO 90min】.
Popular dishes of ◎Gyoza Restaurant Ryu's popular dishes are included in the popular course of 3000 yen (tax included) (with 2H all-you-can-drink).
Recommended for thank-you parties and banquets!
We will be happy to take group photos, etc!

We are pleased to introduce the Chinchi-Lorin Sour & Highball at Gyoza-Ya Ryu.
Come and roll the dice✨!

Gyoza Izakaya in Hiroshima City! We are proud of our homemade gyoza (dumplings) made from the finest ingredients.
If you are looking for a tavern near Shintenchi and Nagarekawa, please visit Gyoza-YA Ryu!
We look forward to serving you today.

[Smoking is allowed in all stores🚬.
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