For those considering a banquet in Hiroshima City✨

Hello! This is Gyoza-Ya Ryu Xintiandi Branch.
Gyoza Izakaya in Hiroshima City!
A popular izakaya where you can enjoy homemade dumplings and authentic Chinese food 🍺.
Today we continue to bring you the charms of Gyoza-Ya Ryu✨.

For all kinds of banquets and after-parties, leave it to us at Gyoza-Ya Ryu!
Gyoza-YA Ryu offers a variety of all-you-can-drink courses at reasonable prices.

Dragon's popular dishes Popular dishes course 3,000 yen】】
In addition to the standard glutinous pork dumplings, we will introduce
This course includes fried chicken and a bowl of hot pepper paste rice, both popular at Gyoza Restaurant Ryu.
Assorted appetizers and dumpling skin chips are also included, perfect for drinks 🥃.

[Course Name.]
All-you-can-drink for 2 hours, 7 kinds of Ryu's popular dishes, 3,000 yen (tax included)

[Course Content.]
Assorted appetizers (Tataki cucumber, tongue lemon, Hiroshima green kimchi)
Shakashaka dumpling skin chips
Mochi Pork Yaki Dumpling
Lemon dumpling
Plum and white meat and cheese spring rolls
Fried Chicken
Donburi with hot spicy bean paste and hot spicy sauce

Draft beer is allowed!
Highballs, shochu, cocktails, sours, sake, plum wine, soft drinks

We will accept a minimum of two persons and a maximum of all persons.
*We will exchange the glass.
Last order for all-you-can-drink is 30 minutes before.

We have introduced a recommended course for banquets and drinking parties.
If you are considering having a banquet, please reserve a course at Gyoza Ryu ✨.

Proud of our homemade dumplings made with the finest ingredients🥟.
If you are looking for an izakaya near Shintenchi, please visit Gyoza-YA Ryu!
We look forward to serving you today.