If you are planning a New Year's party, please come to Gyoza House Ryu 🥟.

Hello! This is Gyoza-Ya Ryu Xintiandi Branch.
A popular izakaya where you can enjoy homemade dumplings and authentic Chinese food 🍺.
Today we continue to bring you the charms of Gyoza-Ya Ryu✨.

We had a lot of customers in 2022 ✨
We will do our best to make you smile this year as well.

For organizers of New Year's parties
We have prepared many courses with all-you-can-drink deals at Gyoza Restaurant Ryu, so please consider them!

All you can drink except draft beer.
This introduction is a must for those who want to choose their favorite dishes!

[Course Name.]
All you can drink except draft beer! Single item free drink 120 min.

[Course Content.]
Please order your favorite dishes

Highballs, shochu, cocktails, sours, sake, plum wine, soft drinks

We will accept a minimum of two persons and a maximum of all persons.
*We will exchange the glass.
Last order for all-you-can-drink is 30 minutes before.

We have introduced a course that we recommend for New Year's parties.
If you haven't made reservations for your New Year's party yet, please do so by booking a course at Gyoza Ryu ✨.

We will do our best to serve many customers in the new year.

Proud of our homemade dumplings made with the finest ingredients🥟.
If you are looking for an izakaya near Shintenchi, please visit Gyoza-YA Ryu!
We look forward to serving you today.