No Gyoza No Life!

Hello! This is Gyoza-Ya Ryu Xintiandi Branch.
Currently operating gyoza izakaya in Hiroshima City!
A popular izakaya where you can enjoy homemade dumplings and authentic Chinese food 🍺.
Today we continue to bring you the charms of Gyoza-Ya Ryu✨.

[Dumpling House Ryu's dumplings are now even better 🥟].
(1) Domestic garlic is used.
(2) Using Kiriri ginger produced in Miyoshi
(3) Kawanaka soy sauce from Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City
(4) Coarser minced Seto no Mochi pork
5) Cut tertiary cabbage into larger pieces
(6) Evolution of time for kneading dumpling bean paste

We hope everyone enjoys the food.
We are particular about the ingredients and manufacture with a focus on texture ✨.
Please try our evolved gyoza👍.

Introduction of dumplings from Gyoza House Ryu.
◎Mochi Pork Yaki Dumpling
 Fukuyama Seto no Mochi pork is used! 10,000 servings served per month! When you come to Gyoza Restaurant Ryu, this is the first thing you should try!
 Skins are made in-house by a long-established gyoza dumpling skin manufacturer established 70 years ago
 Cabbage and other vegetables are also grown in Hiroshima Prefecture🥟.
◎Cheese dumplings🧀.
 Plenty of double cheese! Very popular among women!
Stamina dumplings with extra garlic
 Plenty of garlic goes great with beer! Charge up your energy and flavor with a bang!
◎Hiroshima Gyoza
 Made with a generous amount of Takarajima leeks from Kurahashi, Hiroshima! A perfect match with crispy baked gyoza!
Ginger dumpling
 Made with plenty of Miyoshi Kirisato ginger! The aroma of ginger spreads and has a refreshing taste! No garlic is used, so even women can enjoy it!

We are pleased to introduce you to the dumplings of Gyoza-Ya Ryu.
Please try the dumplings at Gyoza House Ryu when you visit us ✨.

Proud of our homemade dumplings made with the finest ingredients🥟.
Currently operating gyoza izakaya in Hiroshima City!
If you are looking for an izakaya near Shintenchi, please visit Gyoza-YA Ryu!
We look forward to serving you.

no gyoza no life
gyoza (crescent-shaped pan-fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork and vegetables)

[Smoking is allowed in all stores🚬.
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