If you are looking for a course at Hiroshima Izakaya ✨Refer to our special offers! Gyoza-YA Ryu🥟.

Hello! This is Gyoza-Ya Ryu Xintiandi Branch.
Gyoza Izakaya in Hiroshima City!
A popular izakaya where you can enjoy homemade dumplings and authentic Chinese food 🍺.
Today we continue to bring you the charms of Gyoza-Ya Ryu✨.

For all kinds of banquets and after-parties, leave it to us at Gyoza-Ya Ryu!
Gyoza-YA Ryu offers a variety of all-you-can-drink courses at reasonable prices.

Popular "All-you-can-eat Gyoza Course 4,000 yen】".

We will be introducing an all-you-can-eat course of your choice of gyoza and dragon menu items.

[Course Name.]
All-you-can-eat Gyoza course with all-you-can-drink for 2 hours 4,000 yen (tax included)

[All you can eat.]
Yaki gyoza/cheese gyoza/Hiroshima gyoza/fried gyoza/water gyoza
Tataki cucumber/ Edamame/ Tan lemon/ Fried chicken/ French fries
 Potato salad/shrimp mayo/fried rice

[All you can drink]
Setouchi Sour
Lemon Sour / Grape Sour / Lime Sour / Tired Sour / Oolong Sour
Highball / Ryu-chan Highball / Setouchi Lemon Highball / Cola Highball
 Ginger Highball/Tired Highball
Umeshu (plum wine)
Japanese white crane (Grus vipio)
Draft beer
Kirin Zero ICHI, soft drinks

In addition to gyoza, the all-you-can-eat menu has been expanded and powered up.
All-you-can-eat snacks to go with your drinks in addition to gyoza!
It is definitely more economical than asking for a single item!

We will accept a minimum of two persons and a maximum of all persons.
*We will exchange the glass.
Last order for all-you-can-drink is 30 minutes before.

We have introduced a recommended course for banquets and drinking parties.
If you are considering having a banquet, please reserve a course at Gyoza Ryu ✨.

Proud of our homemade dumplings made with the finest ingredients🥟.
Gyoza Izakaya in Hiroshima City!
If you are looking for a tavern near Shintenchi and Nagarekawa, please visit Gyoza-YA Ryu!
We look forward to serving you today.

[Smoking is allowed in all stores🚬.
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no gyoza no life
gyoza (crescent-shaped pan-fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork and vegetables)