I Tsuji Shokusan, Dumpling House Dragon 🥟.

I Tsuji Shokusan, Dumpling House Dragon 🥟.
⚾️🎏Carp Sponsored Game Today⚾️🎏
We will have a countdown from each department: ⚾️

Today is Dumpling House Ryu Carp Road 🥟.

Recommended for welcome and farewell parties, banquets, and drinking parties near Hiroshima Station and Zumsta.

Yaki-gyoza and Carp dumplings are sold outside during games at Zumsta 🥟.
It's a sponsored game.
7 pieces of baked and fried gyoza sold in front of the store for 100 yen

Recommended for pre-game and post-game review drinks: ⚾️

I look forward to seeing many of you at the ballpark today ⚾️🎏

Go Carp ⚾️🎏